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Entry #3


2011-01-31 03:56:09 by IceDragonkin

I felt like it was time to replace the poorly spelled news from 4 years ago. So here's whats going on now...

I'm about to get my bachelors in computer science and have a real job.

Try to animate and work out in my spare time.

Find a girlfriend at some point when I'm not a fat nerd.

And last but not least keep in touch with all the people I'm leaving behind.


P.S. I just realized I am way too old to be posting the boring crap I'm doing on Newgrounds. I mean what do I think this place is FaceBook? ... w/e keep making cock jokes Newgrounds because I still think your not gay for making them, you're just being funny.

P.S.S. Speaking of cock jokes, Stampler whatever happened to making Penipals? I love my Penicorn and I know he wants some more friends.



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