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2011-01-31 03:56:09 by IceDragonkin

I felt like it was time to replace the poorly spelled news from 4 years ago. So here's whats going on now...

I'm about to get my bachelors in computer science and have a real job.

Try to animate and work out in my spare time.

Find a girlfriend at some point when I'm not a fat nerd.

And last but not least keep in touch with all the people I'm leaving behind.


P.S. I just realized I am way too old to be posting the boring crap I'm doing on Newgrounds. I mean what do I think this place is FaceBook? ... w/e keep making cock jokes Newgrounds because I still think your not gay for making them, you're just being funny.

P.S.S. Speaking of cock jokes, Stampler whatever happened to making Penipals? I love my Penicorn and I know he wants some more friends.


Summer Concerts

2007-08-22 14:46:32 by IceDragonkin

Well I just got back from Projekt Revolution and it was awesome.

Heres the band line up in order of preforming alone w/ ratings.


Madina lake- Awesome band sound kinda like The Used and MCR combined.

Styles of Beyond- Horrible, They're the guys from Fort Minor w/o mike shinoda (basically a rap group)

The Bleed- a good rock band. i liked them.

Saosin - they were good. no complaints here.

Mindless Self Indulgence (MSI) - Best fucking band on the tour. Crazy live show plus their bassist is so HOT.


Julien K - Nothing special, i didn't like them too much

Placebo - Just plan bad rock band. They just sucked all over. plus they where the gayest band I've ever seen. (NOTE: MSI's guitarist grab the lead singers crotch during the act and that was way less gay then these guys. plus i have nothing against gays.) Yeah never see placebo if you can help it.

HIM - These guys where good just not my kind of rock.

Taking Back Sunday- I loved this band. They played using Saosin's guitarist and some random drummer for the show because the guitarist just had a baby and the drummer herniated his back. Great to watch them though. the lead sing likes to swing the mic around well singing which you'll know if you watch any of their newer music videos. good time though.

My Chemical Romance (MCR) - These guys know how to fucking rock out. They had sweet pyrotechnics during the show as well as some stage performances from Gerard (lead singer). They played a lot of songs off of there new CD which was cool though i hadn't heard much of it before then.

(interesting side note: I found out well there that the hot Bassist from MSI and Gerard where dating. It was a little investigating on my part. The bassist had 27% written on her arm and "I <3 U" was washed off but still visible under it. Then during MCR's performance Gerard says, " The volumes got to be turned up at least 27%" as well as on the platform where the drummer was it was spray painted "She Loves You" So 1+1=2 and i figured out they are dating and 27% = I <3 U.

Linkin Park - Great as usual though they did play 2 or 3 of their slow crappy songs from the new album. They ended up playing an encore which was cool.

We (myself, Best friend Al, and josh) went to Daren lake to see them. we arrived at 3 in the morning and the park didn't open till 10 so we talked to some Canadians. (the conversation ended once we found that out). Then a tole lady for the hotel, mad fun of meatloaf (the musician) w/ her, and decided to sleep in the car in front of the park gates.

Well Canadians think there hot shit of something because they sneak into the park well we where talking to the tole lady. so well were sitting in the car in front of the park having a beer and getting ready to sleep they get escorted out in a security car. Well Mr. "I Have The Smallest Penis In The World" walks over to our car and flips out on us for being parked in front of the gates and tells us to get out of there.

so we drive down a road the side of the park and see a parking lot. Well we pull over to the entrance and it turns out to be the service entrance for the park. well once we notice this we turn around but as we're doing this guess who shows up. That asshole security guard.

So we keep driving past the road that goes in front of the park and pull over in hopes we can just sleep. well this is happening the Canadians drive by (FUCK Canada) and we're like well that can't be good. and then they get stopped by a sheriff coming the other way. he talks to them for a minute then pulls up behind us.

lights on and that fucking spotlight right on us.well he walks over and is like whats going on tonight guys. so we tell him we're just looking for a place to sleep. so he gives us directions to a truck stop up the road and well this is happening he's like "who's been drinking?" and we're like FUCK and hes says "are you 21?" i say yes and he then proceeds to give me a breathalysers b/c i was the one driving. Well i do it and i pass.

so we head out and sleep for a few hours then head back to the park. At 9:30 Al cracks open a beer well waiting and then at 10 once we get parked we set up and play asshole for 2 hours. Now everyone good and drunk so we get in line w/ a beer in hand and get into the park and start listening to the bands above all well enjoying alcoholic slushes and moshing.

Good Fucking Trip.

Then the next day at a different concert i saw

3 inches of blood- good hard rock bad even though they we're Canandian.

Behemoth- Awesome band. great mosh pit.

Hatebred- CRAZIEST mosh pit i've ever seen. i was in the back of the standing room and the pit consumed the whole area. great show. they desided to come on stage to "America Fuck yeah" from the team America movie. my friend broke his nose during this band.

Lamb Of God- Awesome band another crazy pit. loud as hell. My ears rang for 2 days straight after that.

Awesome heavy metal show.

and tonights Reel Big Fish and Less then Jake. I'll edit to tell you how it was.
(as you can see i like a wide verity of rock music.)


Less then jake, Reel big fish, and street light manifesto.

Music was great. Ska kids pissed me off.

Almost fucked some up. punched crowd surfing dicks as they went by. Fuckers kept kicking me in
the head.

Well thats about it for that.

oh it was in Scraton P.A. almost as bad of a place as Canada.

*End Of Edit*

V Pick of MSI hope you like them as mush as I do V

Summer Concerts

Summer Flash avdenture

2007-07-28 01:30:17 by IceDragonkin

I JUST submitted. Check it out ."Its Clam Dance Time!!!". Heres hoping i can pass.


It passed!!! wooohooooo!! so give it a look and comments are very welcome and encouraged.

*End Edit*


I'm looking to collab with anyone that can prove they are above noob status. (PM of Comment if Interested)

I'm also looking for some music creating programs. got any names you could drop. i have FL Studio 6 but its just to hard to work.


p.s. Hope you like the pic. great for that guy that doesnt like to cuddle

Summer Flash avdenture